Harsh North makes people strong and enduring and also, once you fell in love with it, North will always bring you inspiration for creativity.

Friends, meet our  very special Vendor at Winter Multicultural Festival “Father Frost” – Snejana Avenell. “Snejana Creations” are unique hand knitted and crocheted accessories.

Boho style handmade crochet shawl, scarfs, ponchos, socks, mittens, hats made with soft colorful yarn in different gradient tones will be perfect addition to your wardrobe, highlighting your style and uniqueness.

Inspired by nature that changes the colors depending on season and by magic North winter with billions of unique snowflakes that never resemble each other, “Snejana Creations” are unique as well.

It can be a perfect gift for someone you love or for yourself, as it is not a mass-market products but every accessory is hand-made with love.

“Handcrafting has always been my passion, especially knitting and crocheting. Soft to touch colorful high-quality yarns inspire me to create wonderful unique creations.

I was born in North of Russia on the Taymyr Peninsula above the Arctic Circle, that is why my parents named me “Snejana”, which means “Snowy”, or “Snow White”.

I remember on the long polar nights watching my mom knit, and me helping her choose the yarn colors for the socks and mitts. I got the love for knitting from her. Once I was able to hold two needles in my hands she taught me how to knit on my own. I was very proud when I was able to knit my first row. I taught myself how to crochet later in life.

I spent my school years and early adolescence in Moldova where I kept perfecting my skills. I hand knitted my first outfit at the age on 15 – sweater and a skirt. I felt a great feeling of accomplishment.

Then I met my wonderful husband and we moved to Eugene, USA. Here as well, I could not stay away from the yarn, I could spend hours browsing between the yarn isle with tons of ideas and designs in my head. Soft colorful yarns inspire me to create.

For years I have been knitting and crocheting things for my family and friends and they were the ones who encouraged me to share my creations with the World. I did not realize how much joy it will give me to see people exited to wear my knits.

So here I am, my humble self, sharing my creations with you: www.snejanacreations.com “

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