This policy presents all the personal data concerning the project gathered for the consumers to provide with.

        ArtLinks Incorporation is meant to be operated in form of the website for all visitors for free. (“ArtLinks”, “our company”, “we”) Below is given the personal information according the project running. Our Privacy Policy performs all data in the understandable form in order all users (clients. Consumers, site users) are able to find the facts about ArtLinks project and share with others. The valued users (or the site visitors) have the opportunity to be informed about our charity activity and donation program in full.  

The Privacy Policy we provide the consumer with is accessible both online and offline on the platforms related to our project. It means that all desirable users are able to find the current data on our official website, mobile applications, charity linked sites and other sources of information in Internet. We provide the society with the detailed information about ArtLinks permanent activity and project changes in form of online articles or any printed documentation.

The Commitment to Donors

The Donor Privacy Policy we obtain includes the information for the participants of our donation program worldwide. We assure our site visitors with the personal data safety for all donors of the project. ArtLinks do not run any programs with other companies on the behalf concept. All rules and regulations are concerned only our unique project. The Donor Privacy Policy could be presented both with help of online and offline sources.

The rule of the acceptance of the presented conditions

        All participants of ArtLinks project should accept the functional terms. All Terms of Use have to be agreeable by the website users, donors and other representatives who have the purpose to cooperate with the company. It is useful to complete the Agreement procedure to continue the operating the ArtLinks website.

ArtLinks online data collection

The process of the personal data collection is done online by namely the valued users. All necessary information is gathered to make the registration and the account creation possible. The website visitor fills the offered online form himself. After the operation of the data collection is completed, the client is able to run different procedures on the ArtLinks website. The donation operations, consulting and other capabilities become available.

The filled personal data is considered as the online tool for the website user identification and the for the right of the services usage online. The main set of the personal data needful consists of the user’s name, email address (or physical address) and the mobile telephone number. The presented data is used also for furnishing of information to our partners and ArtLinks third-parties representatives to cooperate. There are other forms of data collection ArtLinks company uses. The list of all available methods is performed below:

The personal data

        This category of the private information includes the personalized aspects that are needful for the further steps on the website. The gained details concerning the website visitors allow our system to determine is the user legal or not. The collected data is possible to be used by our partners and third-parties’ companies that are in cooperation with ArtLinks. Any encoded information is asked. The examples where the private data should be obligatory mentioned are performed below:

  • The registration procedure;
  • The website categories faster navigation possibilities;
  • The desire to become the participant of the donation campaign;
  • Job applications;
  • Online-surveys by ArtLinks and by partners of our company;
  • In case of some system errors to identify the user and give him some extra information;
  • Email-marketing campaigns;
  • E-mail subscriptions.

It is worth noticing that email subscription and registrations need the user name, his telephone and email address to complete the steps online. The donors should also mention billing address in order to take part in the ArtLinks charity campaign. The extra information could be also asked. It depends on the type of the online operation is going to run.

The safety of the personal data is assured by the ArtLinks privacy policy. The third-parties’ structures and partners of the ArtLinks company are able to use the personal data only in conditions to offer some service to the valued clients. The third-parties’ companies provide us with their data collections at the same time – we see the potential donors and participants of the charity campaign we are interested in. This is the part of our cooperation and the Privacy Policy aspect. The personal information also is used to complete the request forms for purchasing the products or services provision.

Extra information (non-personal data to provide)

        This category includes the additional information given by the website visitors or the data automatically collected with help of the Internet sources. The ArtLinks and its partners could demand to mention the extra details according the physical address or the user’s civil status, etc. The additional information is got automatically:

  1. During the online operations and website activity. The data is collected with help of the shown IP address and the details the Internet provider performs. It is possible to determine the chosen language, time of the online activity and URLs usage information this way. ArtLinks obtains the right use the information concerning used links and the period of time the user stayed on the website. Other technical information as the geographical location and the visited categories could be also seen.
  2. One more source for the extra data collection is accessible with help of the JavaScript Tags and Cookies available. This is the way to find the current data about the user with help of the cookies sessions. Each valuable visitor is able to switch off the cookies not to show the extra showings. All the terms concerning the cookies is performed in the Internet Browser Privacy Policy the client uses. It should be mentioned that the declining of the cookies terms the visitor have the risks of the insufficient website operating. Please, accept ArtLinks cookies to have the opportunity to use all the website functionality without any system errors probability.
  3. One more way to gain the additional personalized showings is the DNT policy. ArtLinks does not assume the Do Not Track browser signals as the source of the data collection. The users are able to count on the ArtLinks Privacy Policy the company provides all website visitors with.     

Partners of the ArtLinks company

The ArtLinks has the big quantity of the partners in reality. The same situation is observed in the Internet environment. We do not mask the sources we use for data collection and add new sources time by time. That is why the list of the ArtLinks partners below is not limited. We perform the main sources of the personal data collection:

Google Analytics

The ArtLinks company cooperates with Google incorporation in order to get the text files with help of the cookies provided. The users are analyzed automatically and their personal information comes to our system by the Google Analytics program functioning. The main aspect is taken into account – the statistics of the valued visitors use our website. We get the data according our site activity to compare the showings and understand the matter of interest of all ArtLinks clients. All operations become possible also due to the ID addresses available which form the statistics of the website usage. Our Privacy Policy offers to provide the gathered Google Analytics data to the third parties in order to make the comparison of the popular services and requests of the high demand.

Each user is capable to refuse the cookies operating and to stop sharing of your personal data. But this way would cut the available functions of the website. Please, accept the browser requirements in order to feel all the privileges of the ArtLinks website. More information is possible to be got on the Google official page – visit it to be sure in your personal data safety one more time.

It worth to be mentioned that the information presented by Google Analytics come to our company system in form of the general statistics showings – each user’s activity is taken into account but the Google platform does not provide us with the identified data about namely each site visitor. It is safe data collection without any risk for you. No effects will be mentioned because Google Analytics have no rights to get the personal details without the individual visitors’ agreement. The only thing the ArtLinks valued user has to do – is to accept the cookies offered by our partner, Google Analytics. Some more sources for the detailed information for the website visitors concerning the Privacy Policy of our partner. Google Analytics has such helpful pages online for all Internet users:

  • Google Ad Settings;
  • Google Analytics Terms of Use;
  • Google Privacy Policy.


One more web analytics service the ArtLinks company uses is AddThis by Oracle Corporation. The principle of the data collection is the similar – as the Google Analytics system, our next partner gathers the needful showings with help of the cookies. The advantage of the AddThis cooperation relies on the possibility of all ArtLinks users to share our website content. All the information of the interest and visitors’ demand will be widespread due to our reliable partner online support.

Nobody will refuse the opportunity to recommend the helpful article or to repost the fresh ArtLinks news according the charity and donation program provided. That is why it is necessary to accept the cookies of AddThis that will form the useful statistics for us based on the gathered data and IP addresses collected. The additional information is available for reading on the website of our reliable partner – the page of AddThis Privacy Policy. Follow the guide presented in the category of “Opt Out”.

Advertising sources

        The ArtLinks company cooperates with all other websites that link with the main page and are devoted to the charity aspect. We are able to get the additional information from our third-parties companies we work with. The data collection runs with help of the cookies as well. The valued users search for some goods, offers and other – ArtLinks system is filled up the showings about the people with remarketing tools online. At the same time ArtLinks advertising campaign gives an opportunity to receive the extra information when the visitors of our partner websites click the advertising banner and appear on our pages concerning charity and donation program.

        Each user is able to turn off the cookies – it is necessary to switch off them in the browser. We notice that cookies accepting is needful for the optimal website operating. In case the cookies are switched off, the client is not capable to use all the functionality items of the ArtLinks site.

By namely the valued clients      

        We respect the users’ right to choose what information they are able to share. That is why ArtLinks company is consumer-orientated and get only voluntary provided personal data. The automatically gathered showings do not demonstrate each clients’ personal information – it is just a kind of the website statistics to bank on.

Notify that ArtLinks is able to add or exclude any partner – to change he shown list of the partnership. All actual information will be performed there, on the Privacy Policy page as soon as possible.     

The third-parties Partners for the data collection

        The ArtLinks company cooperates with other different organizations and gather the useful information due to the third-parties representatives. The valued users are able to follow the linking pages and share their personal data with help of their website activity. In such case the data collection runs both by the ArtLinks website and third-parties’ cookies presented with the pixel tags used. The advertising banners and other technical ways make possible to gather the most quantity of the necessary personal information. One of the aspect taken into account is the location of the visitors. These showings are available to the ArtLinks collection data system and to the third-parties that are the partners of our company.

Other sources – the systems of the search and different websites

        Among the ArtLinks partners are the open website of the common usage, including the browsers and engines for the data search. Some ads are presented in the searching system of the and other websites. The user could see the reposts or the ArtLinks offers out of the main page and the official site. All linked websites support the ArtLinks Privacy Policy and our company takes the responsibility about the Internet sources in the same time. In order to get the additional information about the websites we cooperate with – visit their official page with the terms and Privacy Policy.

The guide for valued users – the ways how the personal information is shared

        Remember that all collected data is needful for the donation campaign running and other ArtLinks services could be possible to all visitors for free. The charity procedures, news, some products and capabilities by the ArtLinks company are available after some registration steps, authorization and the personal data filling forms to be completed. The personal information given by all the ArtLinks website visitors gives the opportunity to make the raw of services more varied and to make the charity and donation campaigns better.

  1. It is worth to be mentioned the main ways of sharing the personal data. Pay attention the data collection principles the ArtLinks follows:
  2. The personal information is given in voluntary manner. ArtLinks is able to share the gathered showings with the partners. The ArtLinks partners share with the statistics of the webpage and other showings at the same time too.
  3. The users’ posts, offers and other website content is viewable to all other visitors. The interesting thoughts, creative showings could be shared both the ArtLinks website links and our partners;
  4. We have the charity partners and the information about their activity could appear on the ArtLinks website in order to get acquainted the users with all our partners and their actual programs. Following these pages, users accept the Privacy Policy of the ArtLinks website and agree with the terms of our reliable valued partners. Some extra information is possible to appear in the category of the site “Contact us”. The ArtLinks company has the rights to add the partners’ contacts and share with this information with the clients.
  5. The access to the personal information have all ArtLinks partners, including the charity organizations, different companies we cooperate with and the individual representatives. All our partners have the direct relationship to the ArtLinks donation campaign and other activities of the company. The safety of the personal data is guaranteed.
  6. We collect the needful data in form of the statistics showings by our digital partners. They, with their technical capabilities to provide us with, perform the general data according the Internet users’ requests and activity on the website. No personal data from the external sources is gained.
  7. The partner companies could be the affiliate organizations, charity structures, business individuals and other representatives. The data sharing with the collaborating companies runs only for the lawful aims.
  8. The ArtLinks is going to develop and to extend the charity activity. The Privacy Policy of the company foresees the necessity of the data sharing with the parent companies are able to appear. The third-parties’ representatives are not permitted to use the personal data in their private purposes.  
  9. The ArtLinks content includes such logos concerning charity and donation. All changes of the ArtLinks website content and interface are not able to break the Privacy Policy agreement.
  10. It is worth noticing that in case of the company assets or selling campaign, the personal data gathered will become the part of the digital ownership of the new sponsorship and the chairmen. The data collection showings will be available to new owners after the company reorganization, sale of the assets and other business activities are possible to be happened.
  11. The ArtLinks users agree with all Privacy Policy aspects of the company. The valued clients have the free access to the Privacy Policy and are able to follow the changes and new key points added.

The additional opportunities for our subscribers and valued users

One of the important aspect that should be taken into account is the communication preferences of the registered clients. We pay attention to all requests and offers made by the authorized users and provide them with possibility to change our company. The privileges will come to the end in case of the unsubscribing activity. The feedback communication will be not available for not authorized clients and unsubscribed users. If the user wants to get the additional opportunities and have the feedback communication free access, it is useful to provide the ArtLinks company with all needful personal information.

The data protection

        The ArtLinks company makes everything possible to protect the databases from the extraneous activities of the unauthorized users and other ill-wishers. The personal information is well-protected but there is the risk of the security system breakage all the time. We guarantee the secure of the private information from the swindlers – it means that the company does not provide the unreliable third-parties representatives and the individuals with the users’ personal data. But in case of the breach of database the ArtLinks company is not possible to guarantee the high level of the information secure. We recommend do not sent you the confidential information via email letters. Contact us by telephone number to inform about the useful and special things. (telephone number)

The Privacy Policy aspects for the foreign clients

All our foreign clients should be informed that all personal data that is given online is transformed to our country. The ArtLinks company uses the personal information of the strangers the same way as the private data is made use of the Ukrainian residents. The valued visitors from other countries should accept the ArtLinks Privacy Policy and continue their website activity. All services are available for free after authorization and other needful aspects done.

There are often some questions to appear. The foreign valued users have the opportunity to contact us with help of the online form in the category of “How to contact us”. One more variant is to call us – the telephone number is presented in contacts too. Do not forget about the possibility to write us via email. The feedback communication is available for all visitors worldwide.

The third-parties’ companies – the links to the external sites

The ArtLinks company cooperates with different partners, including the business individuals and charity organizations. All the partner structures are called as the third parties. We do not provide all our users with the Privacy Policy of our cooperating companies. All needful information the valued users have the opportunity to find themselves. The links to the external website are safe. The ArtLinks company does not provide its visitors with unreliable links. Find the Privacy Policy aspects of our partners on their official website.

The Privacy Policy according the children

The ArtLinks company is not aspired to get the personal information about the children under the age of 13. We are not able to control the authorization of the children. Please, parents and their children – do not fill the registration form and do not create the account for the user under the age of 13. If the children have done the registration steps and provide the website with their personal data voluntary, inform us. Telephone us – the number is given below:

(telephone number)

Do not neglect the necessity to contact us about the private data received of the children under the age of 13. We will delete all personal information right at the time of your call. We do not use the personal data of the young people – the children under 13 are not responsible for their website activity. That is why we could not give such category of users the capability of the content adding.

The resident population

        As it was mentioned before, there is no differences among the terms for the Ukrainians and the foreign valued users. The Privacy Policy is unique for all the ArtLinks charity and donation campaigns participants. All visitors that follow the links to the external websites should take into account the Privacy Policy peculiarities of the ArtLinks partners. The Privacy Policy of our company is possible to be changed. All the happened changes will be performed in this category for free.

Changes to the presented Privacy Policy

The changes of the Privacy Policy are possible due to the different circumstances. It could be the website optimization or the ArtLinks reorganization campaign. All users should be informed about the Privacy Policy changes – that is why all updates will be presented online in this category. The ArtLinks specialists will perform the new key points and they will be free viewable for all valued clients worldwide.

Please contact us

The ArtLinks company have few ways for the feedback communication. All valued clients are able to ask any question according the Privacy Policy and other aspects. Three main ways to contact with the charity organization representatives are given below:

E-mail address Do not forget to fill the subject line with the topic “Privacy Policy” in order we know the matter of your message;

The postal mail address is 27423 Erickson Rd, Eugene, Oregon, 97402. Send the letter and in 5-7 days you will receive the answer.

The telephone number +1 (503) 9198273 or +1 (541) 505-2223. The easiest way to get the useful information. Our specialists will be glad to help you with all questions and requests.

ArtLinks aspires to provide the valued clients with wide range of services, charity programs and donation capabilities. Privacy Policy is one of the needful aspect for the effective activity organization. Follow the changes and accept all the ArtLinks terms, cookies and subscribe the newsletters.