Do you want to make a really cool party – birthday, wedding, graduation night? Looking for some fresh ideas?

Make a Russian style party – cool, unusual and funny. Or any other style, any age, any preferences and activities. You tell us what you want and we make it happen. You simply enjoy it.

We will arrange the whole thing – scenario, decorations, professional DJ, lights, costumes and artists!

Or you can just rent our costumes and arrange everything on your own. That will be a party that your guests will remember for a long time.

Working all over Oregon State.

Call us now at 503 919 82 73 or email at

Our services

We will make an individual program and select artists according to your budget, write a detailed timing of the event and make sure it will be performed at the highest level.
We offer professional animators, hosts, DJ, photographer, decorations, costumes, life-size puppets, Puppet Theater, original scenario and so much more.

This is a part of our fundraising program. Thank you for your support. Don’t forget to share it with friends!
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