Tatyana Reyzner suggests the following creative projects to help usher in the Spring during Maslenitsa celebrations

Maslenitsa is a joyful holiday of farewell to winter and spring’s greeting. Celebration is cheerful & loud to wake up the earth, to begin farming and sowing grain. This is a holiday of sun and warmth. So let’s make a sun with our kids to welcome spring in our lives.

To make it, we will need:
– Any circle patters, like bowl or divider
– 1 thick yellow paper and 1 thin.
– Pencil, scissors, glue, color markers
– Wooden stick

We draw 2 circles on thick yellow paper and cut them out.

Using thin yellow paper we cut out thin 12 stripes

Put the glue inside the thick circle

Attach the thin stripes and wooden stick

Attach second thick circle on the top of the glued stripes and stick

Using markers & pencils color the sun face

You can put it in a flower pot and it will shine in your home bringing spring joy and warmth