Spring is coming! Most nations prefer to welcome the advent of springtime with holidays. One of the funniest and the most extraordinary festivals is Maslenitsa.

This holiday is celebrated in Russia and other Slav countries. Maslenitsa lasts seven days – it is called a Pancake week.

There are plenty of traditions that people venerate year by year, generation by generation.

Let’s have a small tour through Maslenitsa’s celebration week:

On Monday people make a woman-of-straw, put it outside and play funny winter games. Children usually sleigh, make snow castles, skate. This week is considered as the last winter week with snow.

On Monday women start baking pancakes, a symbolic dish of Maslenitsa holiday.

Russian pancakes (bliny) are similar to the sun – yellow, hot, round. The pancakes are, the sunnier summer will be.

The same activities take place on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Everyone tastes pancakes with sour cream, jam, caviar, etc. In the evening costume parties start outside. People sing songs, do circle dances.

The family parties start on Friday when relatives visit each other. The host and hostess entertain with all kinds of delicacies their dear and near ones.

On Sunday the woman-of-straw is burnt paired with roundelays in the streets.

It is necessary to ask each other for forgiveness on the last day of Pancake week!🙏

Such wonderful recreations are prepared by spring for us!

Can you imagine what the perfect Maslenitsa looks like?

☝Please, share your art or your stories, family recipes devoted to the Pancake week.☝

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Happy Maslenitsa!!